“Speak ill of no man, but speak all the good you know of everybody.”

-Benjamin Franklin [1706 – 1790]

Building, Monitoring & Protecting Your Digital Presence

Today, we interact with friends, family, and colleagues, more so than ever before, through text messages, email, and social media, where perception and reality are often confused. If we don’t like change, we will like irrelevance even less. Our digital presence and online first impression are critical. Businesses must focus on online reputation management to successfully align their strategic communication with client, partner and investor preferences. Moreover, proactive reputation management, affords business owners and executives, insight, into their, strengths, and weaknesses.

Every internet search, yields, a search engine results page, known as a SERP. Every second, there are 63,000 Google searches, and every day there are 5.5 billion. People perform these searches for countless reasons. They may be casually googling a company from a sponsored Instagram post or, aggressively searching, for a new attorney, accountant, or financial planner to hire immediately. They might even be googling you. It’s a fair bet that, anyone, we hand, our, business card will search us online for more information. Positive online reviews from real clients, and digital assets, will foster trust. Conversely, negative or defamatory links on the internet will quickly damage our offline reputation.The best reputation offense is a strong defense. A proactive presence builds digital resilience, protects a firm’s reputation, and makes it easier to repair reputational damage. Your reputation is your most valuable asset. Make sure you’re safeguarding it everywhere, especially online.

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