“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

-Albert Einstein [1979 – 1955]

An Entrepreneurial Mindset & The Intangibles of Success

An entrepreneurial mindset represents a truly unique opportunity for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. Flexibility, creativity, and intellectual freedom often catalyze an entrepreneur’s desire to start a business. Entrepreneurship, a fundamental driver of our global economy, is defined by French Economist, J. B. Say [1767–1832], as a shift of economic resources out of an area of lower productivity into an area of higher productivity and yield. This is also true of intrapreneurs, defined as those who apply an entrepreneurial to their employment culture. Intrapreneurs often become entrepreneurs. An acute understanding of the intangibles or ‘soft skills’ is often required for nurturing new contact and developing a life-long friendship. While these intangible skills are taught and studied, their practice underpins the success of our most revered business, political, and humanitarian leaders in recent history. How does one quantify trust, communication, and emotional intelligence? The interdependence of our global economy places a premium on authenticity and relationships.

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